Design VIP Day

A full day with your designer, to knock out your design to-do list, so you can get back to what you love—creating!


Imaging what you could accomplish if you had a designer, solely focused on your for an entire day, knocking out your design to-do list?

No weeks-long timelines.

No mile-long to do list.

Just professional work, done by dinner.

Sarah is incredibly creative, thorough, professional and responsive. The absolute best at what she does, hands-down.

If only:

You know your designs should be as high-quality as the work you're creating. But there's SO MUCH to do!

Running your creative business means updating your website, eamiling your list, creating social media graphics, the list goes on and on.

And sometimes it's fun! Who doesn't love experimenting in Canva?

But other days...

The work has piled up and you're really wishing you had a best friend designer to call for help!

That's where I come in. I got you!
A painter using watercolor.
Your music website. Done in a day.
What if instead...

You had your own professional designer blocking off her entire day to create for you?

  • Creating social media graphics for the month
  • Cropping and editing photos for your store
  • Skinning your website for your next launch or release
  • Something else? Just ask!
You get full access to me for an entire day while I work through your design to-do list.

Here's how it works:

Step 1

We Pick a Day

We'll schedule a day at least 2 weeks in advance. Make sure this is a day that you can be available on Slack to answer questions and provide feedback throughout the day—we'll be in communication as the day progresses. (no video calls, feel free to come in PJ's!)

Step 2

Design Prep-Work

You'll complete any prep work that needs to be done in advance of the day, so I'll have all the materials I need to do my work effectively and quickly and make the most of the day. We'll also book a 1 hour Strategy Call to prioritize what will be done on your day. This is to ensure that everything goes smooth as butta. Give yourself about 2 weeks to complete prep work. Have it ready before our strategy call, and we're set!

Step 3

Your VIP Day

I'm off to the races! We'll communicate throughout the day via my Slack channel, on quick back and forth items like feedback, confirmation codes, etc. (We won't be on any more video calls at this point) I knock through the list based on what we decided on our Strategy Call and get back in touch with you at the end of the day with the finished result!

Step 4

Post-Day Support

For 14 biz days after your VIP day, I'll be available via email to help you with support based on work we completed together on your day. That could be questions about updates to your website, posting your social media graphics in order, small tweaks to images or text, or quick video demos if they apply.

What makes this process awesome:

  • It's super duper fast (we're done by dinner!)
  • You have exclusive access to me throughout the day.
  • You can give me your real-time thoughts as we go.
  • You're not put on a waitlist
  • How cool is it to see real results in one day?

"I feel so lucky that we share the same design sensibility. She delivered every aspect of my website design as promised..."


Design VIP Day:

Let's work together! Here's how fees and booking works:

2 options. 1 payment.

I'd love to talk to you about setting up your Design VIP Day! Use the form below to introduce yourself and I will get in touch with you ASAP.

You can book me for a full day or half day. VIP days are paid up front before project start. Once the invoice is paid, we're off to the races and will schedule your Strategy Call and VIP day!

Full Day


What you get:

A full 8 hour work day focused on your to do list.
Strategy Call.
Pre-Work assets.
14 days of support after your day.
A whole bunch of design work off your plate!

Half Day


What you get:

A 4 hour half day of work day focused on your to do list.
Strategy Call.
Pre-Work assets.
14 days of support after your day.
Peace of mind knowing you don't have to do that ish!

If I feel I'm a good fit for your needs, I'll email you to say "Hello!" and send you the invoice. Once the invoice is paid, we are off to the races and can schedule your VIP day and Strategy Call. ✨